Cove Point Beach Association Update – August 21, 2020

Road Work – In the next two weeks, the road contractor will be on-site to perform our annual road maintenance.  As soon as we receive the exact dates, we will advise you as all vehicles must be parked on your property and NOT on Association-owned property (roadside right-of-ways).  This is to allow the contractor full access to the roads as well as avoiding any potential damage to vehicles.

Security – The change in hours when sheriff deputies are patrolling our community along with the new blue “Private-No Beach Access” signs have assisted in keeping trespassers to a minimum.   The deputies have already banned several trespassers from entering the community.

The Beach and Adjoining Beachfront Property – As you may know, the Cove Point Beach community has been designated a “Critical Area” by the State of Maryland.  As such, no planting or removal of plants, grasses, trees and the like is allowed on the beachfront without specific written approval from the Association.  In most cases a conservation plan is required prior to the county considering such requests to plant or remove beachfront plantings.   As the beachfront is owned and controlled by the Association, we must ensure compliance in order to avoid financial penalties.  Last year a property owner incurred almost $17,000 in fines and penalties for attempting to clear an undeveloped lot on Lighthouse Blvd without requisite county approvals and permits.   

Association Membership Meeting – A quick reminder that our Association meeting will be held on Saturday, August 29that 10 a.m.  It will be a virtual meeting. You received both the link and dial-in information via e-mail or USPS mail. If not, please contact us at

Paul Plattner

Fall Meeting – Cove Point Beach Association, Inc.

August 11, 2020

This year’s Fall Meeting of the Cove Point Beach Association, Inc. membership will not be held in person due to the coronavirus.  Instead, we will hold a Zoom meeting on Saturday, August 29th from 10:00 a.m. thru 10:45 a.m.  Both the link for the Zoom meeting and a dial-in were provided in the previous e-mail/mail sent to Association members.

In the event you are unable to participate, please complete and return the Absentee Ballot provided in the e-mail or USPS mail you received so we receive it not later than Friday, August 21, 2020.  In the same attachment is the proposed 2021 Annual Budget and the 2019 Audit Report.  Please note that again this year we have a balanced budget and there are no dues increase and or assessments. 

Paul Plattner


This summer we have many more property owners, family members, and guests here in Cove Point, along with some trespassers.  We are also encountering issues with speeding, unleashed dogs charging people, and motorized vehicles on the beach to name a few…so please read on.  

Public Safety – We need everyone’s cooperation to keep us safe, so please remind your family and friends of the following:

• The speed limit on Lighthouse Blvd. in 25 MPH and 15 MPH on all other roads.

• All dogs must be on a leash when off the property owner’s property.  This is a Calvert County ordinance.  

• No golf carts or other motorized vehicles are allowed beyond the end of the road at the entrances to the beach and certainly not on the grass areas or the beach itself.

Summertime Security – With an increased number of trespassers attempting to use our private beach, we have changed the schedule to include weekend daytime hours that our county sheriff deputies are on duty.  Several individuals have already been banned from coming into the community.

Parking – All guests and visitors must park their vehicles on their host’s property.  Only vehicles with a current 2019/2020 CPBA parking permit affixed to the vehicle window are allowed to park at the entrances to the beach.

Dues – If you have not paid your 2020 dues, please do so now.  Friendly reminders were sent out earlier this month.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Trish David at:

Roadwork – Our annual roadwork is being scheduled and you will be notified when the work will begin.  During this work period, all cars must be parked on the owner’s property and not on the road.

Thank You – Thanks to the folks who pick up trash along the beach and roads and those who mow the grass at the entrance to our community and other areas.  It is much appreciated!

Stay safe and enjoy the upcoming holiday weekend.

Paul Plattner
President, CPBA, Inc.


The Season Begins – With warm weather predicted and easing of some stay at home orders, we have seen an increased number of trespassers using our beaches.  In order to try to minimize any issues, we have additional temporary signs that will be used to let people know there is no public beach access here in Cove Point.  Therefore, we are asking you to use the beachfront access points for loading and unloading this weekend.  If you do leave your vehicle parked there, you must have a valid 2019 – 2020 Cove Point Beach Association issued parking sticker displayed on your windshield or rear window. Your guests should park at your property and not at the beachfront.  

Summertime Security – Our security patrols begin this weekend.  Off-duty Calvert County sheriff deputies will patrol in the evenings with a few additional hours on Monday.

Public Gatherings – The social distancing rules are still in place in Calvert County.  Therefore, groups of 10 people or more are not allowed to congregate on the beach (or elsewhere) and need stay 6 feet apart.  If you see any unlawful activity, you should call the County Sheriff’s non-emergency number at 410-535-2800.

Swimming/Wading at the Point – To ensure a safe season, please remind your family and friends not to swim or wade at and around the point due to dangerous rip currents.    

Road Safety – As the season begins, we have more children and adults walking and riding bikes on our roads.  So please remember the speed limit on Lighthouse Blvd. is 25 MPH and it’s 15 MPH and on Calvert Blvd. and the side roads.  Let’s all do our part to keep everyone safe this season.

2020 Annual Dues – Remember that dues are to be paid not later than June 1.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at:

In closing, the Board of Directors hopes everyone has a great summer and remember you might not know all of the owners and family members who are a part of our community. Let’s do our best to resolve any issues in a way that helps us remain friends and neighbors during this challenging time. 

Stay safe,

Paul Plattner
President, CPBA, Inc.

2020 Dues

Dear Cove Point Beach Property Owners:

Dues are to paid not later than June 1 either by check (using the invoice here) or going to our website and use Square (we are no longer using PayPal). If you have already paid your 2020 dues, please ignore this invoice.

We understand some of you may be encountering financial hardships due to being laid-off as a result of the coronavirus. If this is the case, please contact me and let me know what your situation is. We will be happy to work with you on this matter during this most difficult time. The best way to reach me is by email at…

We are hopeful life will be returning to a more normal state and we can hold our Fall Meeting scheduled for Saturday, August 29. Additional details will be provided as the date approaches.

Stay safe,
Paul Plattner
President, CPBA, Inc.

Grocery Shopping in Calvert County

FYI…Citing overcrowding in grocery and convenience stores, the Calvert County Health Department is asking customers to “voluntarily limit trips for groceries to once every five days” on the following schedule:

  • Last name starting with A-C shop on dates ending with 0 and 5
  • Last name starting with D-G shop on dates ending with 1 and 6
  • Last name starting with H-L shop on dates ending with 2 and 7
  • Last name starting with M-R shop on dates ending with 3 and 8
  • Last name starting with S-Z shop on dates ending with 4 and 9

Stay safe,

Paul Plattner
President, CPBA, Inc.

Local Open Restaurants – April 8, 2020

Our neighbors next door at the Cove of Calvert subdivision prepared a list of local restaurants/food trucks that are open for carry out/delivery (see attachment here). If you can, please support our local businesses that are struggling during this difficult time.

Stay safe.

Paul Plattner
President, CPBA, Inc.

Please Read: COVID-19 – March 28, 2020

Media Contact
St. Mary’s County Health Department
Office of Community Engagement & Policy
Jenna Guzman
Kim Robertson

St. Mary’s County Health Department Reports Potential COVID-19 Public Exposure Risks

LEONARDTOWN, MD (March 27, 2020) – The St. Mary’s County Health Department (SMCHD) has determined that a person confirmed to have the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) may have come into contact with other community members. The potential public exposure locations, dates, and times are as follows:
Weis Markets, 20995 Point Lookout Rd, Callaway, MD 20620
• Dates: March 12, 2020
• Time ranges: 5:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Olive Garden Italian Restaurant (bar area), 45265 Abell House Ln, California, MD 20619
• Date: March 14, 2020
• Time range: 7:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
BJ’s Wholesale, 44950 Worth Ln, California, MD 20619
• Date: March 14, 2020
• Time range: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
CVS, 21676 Great Mills Rd, Lexington Park, MD 20653
• Date: March 14, 2020
• Time range: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Harris Teeter Marketplace, 44900 St Andrews Church Rd, California, MD 20619
• Date: March 14, 2020
• Time range: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Panera Bread, 45250 Worth Ave, California, MD 20619
• Date: March 14, 2020
• Time range: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Community members who were also at these locations during the specified dates/times may be at some risk for acquiring COVID-19 and should:
• Self-monitor for symptoms of a respiratory infection including fever, flu-like symptoms, cough, or shortness of breath until 14 days have passed from the date of exposure
• Stay home as much as possible
• Take additional precautions of washing hands frequently and avoid contact with people over age 60 and people of any age with weakened immune systems
If you develop symptoms:
• Call your healthcare provider
• If you do not have a healthcare provider and are a St. Mary’s County resident, call the St. Mary’s County COVID-19 Community Hotline (Monday – Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 301-475-4911) to speak with a Health Department nurse
• Self-isolate – Remain at home until you receive instructions about next steps from your healthcare provider or local health department. Stay at least 6 feet away from others. If possible, do not share a bathroom or bedroom with others in your household.
• If symptoms worsen or you need medical attention, call ahead before going to your doctor’s office, urgent care or emergency department. Use 9-1-1 if in a medical emergency and notify dispatch of your potential exposure concerns.
For more information about COVID-19, please see the St. Mary’s County Health Department website at

COVID-19 Update – March 20, 2020

Cove Point Beach Property Owners:  Here’s a brief update as we move forward during these challenging times…

Where ever you are:

  • Practice social distancing…stay 6-ft apart and stay home as much as possible
  • Follow directives issued by Maryland Governor Hogan (for MD residents) and the Centers for Disease Control

Local situation here in Calvert County:

  • Check the County’s webpage for the latest information
  • There is now one confirmed case of COVID-19 here in Calvert County
  • Most of the Calvert County government, courts are closed to the public 
  • All MD schools, restaurants (except for carry out/delivery), bars, movie theaters, gyms, enclosed shopping malls are closed
  • In Lusby, there are shortages in grocery and drug stores  
  • Support local businesses as much as you can

Stay safe,

Paul Plattner
President, CPBA, Inc.


1.  2019 Dues and Road Maintenance Covenant Fee Collections – The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that as of this date there are only 9 property owners out of 179 that have not paid.  This is a delinquency rate of 5 percent.  The national delinquency rate for homeowners associations is 10 percent.

2.  Approved 2020 Budget – Attached for your information is the 2020 budget as approved by the Association membership at the August 24, 2019 Annual Meeting. 

3.  2020 Association Dues – As before, the Association’s dues include the annual road maintenance fee included in the covenants to every deed in the community.  Any property owner who declines to pay dues, must still pay the road maintenance fee by June 1.  Since this contractual fee is adjusted annually as determined by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), the amount of the 2020 roads fee will be announced next Spring when CPI figures for 2019 become available. 

As a reminder, at the Association’s Spring Meeting on May 28, 2019, the membership approved the first increase in Association dues in over a decade. The 2020 dues structure is as follows:

Developed Properties (property with a house):

– $180 for 1stdeveloped property regardless of occupancy

– $100 for each additional developed property regardless of occupancy

Undeveloped Lots:

– $60 for each undeveloped lot.  This is a discount from the Covenant Road Maintenance fee and is offered to members who own only undeveloped lots, or who also pay regular dues and who pay by June 1.

The deadline for payment of dues will continue to be June 1.  An invoice will be sent to all property owners in April 2020.

4.  Summertime Security – Over the winter, the Board will be reviewing the hours of patrol to determine the effectiveness of the changes made for 2019.   If you have any comments, please forward them to

In closing, I want to wish everyone an enjoyable and safe holiday season.  

Paul Plattner
President, CPBA, Inc.