Public Hearing on Calvert County Comprehensive Plan

Public Hearing: Calvert County Comprehensive Plan Approval
Tuesday, February 26, 7pm

Calvert Pines Senior Center
450 West Dares Beach Road, Prince Frederick, MD 20678


Please read the email (below) from Association member June Sevilla.  I plan to attend this important meeting and urge our residents to do the same.

Paul Plattner
President, CPBA, Inc.


> From: J Sevilla <>
> Subject: Important info and additional links to Feb 26 Public hearing on Calvert County Comprehensive Plan
> Date: February 9, 2019 at 2:08:39 PM EST

You may or may not have seen this, but thought these links I got from Calvert County today will be helpful in preparing for this most important public hearing which impacts us all, especially the new Septic Law and the County Commissioners asking for PFA state funding for development of Dominion’s property as well as Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant. Fuzzy as to what is involved and why are these two behemoth businesses included as Priority Funding Areas (PFA’s) as if in same category as residents seems questionable. Of specific interest is Cove Point Park where the land legally belongs to Dominion and to the best of my recollection, the County is “leasing” the land. Cove Point Park was built on our tax dollars, but as part of Dominion’s Refinery and Liquefaction project, the County recently connected Dominion’s water and sewer to this Park so Dominion could utilize Solomons Waste Water Treatment Plant for dumping their toxic condensates (high volume of 10,000 gallons per day) instead of their decades of previous practice of dumping untreated toxic condensates to Cove Point Marsh. The way this sweetheart deal was handled included “Area A” (Cove Point Rd intersection with Rte 2/4) which was Dominion’s Laydown Area for Equipment, warehouses and shuttle buses for workers. “Area A” has now become a designated, but undeveloped “park” for the County as we accurately predicted. Dominion wants to expand their refinery and liquefaction footprint into Cove Point Park so Dominion exchanged their development of Area A for access to their land (Cove Point Park). However, Cove Point Park is already well developed and it would take so much more tax dollars to develop “Area A” to become a true park like Cove Point Park. So this recent maneuver was good for Dominion’s expansion plans and a big loss for Calvert County and MD State taxpayers. Attached is a Word doc which provides a quick preview of highlights of the County’s Comprehensive Plan, specifically on Septic law and PFA’s. Your input during the Public hearing is most critical for bringing out the truth. Our vigilant efforts and participation in hearings and County Commissioner meetings have had a positive impact and bringing out the truth is helpful for our health and protection so we keep politicians and business deals in check, but it takes continued vigilant oversight and active involvement on our part. Incidentally, the sweetheart deal the County covertly made with Dominion of $40 Million payment in lieu of taxes went mostly to the County’s Retirement Fund. These are a matter of public record. CCNPP/nuke payments of this nature are also in County records so these can be verified.

> Thank you for keeping up the good work and we must look out for ourselves since politics and businesses make strange bedfellows.

> June