Classes at Cove Point Pool

Calvert County Parks & Recreation (CCPR) will be offering classes at Cove Point Pool Monday through Thursday for the weeks of August 12th and August 19th. Classes run from 9am to 9:45 am. Anyone wishing to participate must register through the CCPR website. For more information you can contact the Edward T. Hall Aquatics Center at 410-414-8350.

Meeting Notice and Absentee Ballot

The Fall Meeting of the Cove Point Beach Association, Inc. membership will be held on Saturday, August 24th from 10 a.m. thru 11:30 a.m.  Again this year we will meet at the Southern Community Center In Lusby, MD.

In the event you will be unable to attend, please complete and return the attached absentee ballot so that it is received not later than Wednesday, August 14, 2019.

As we get closer to the meeting date you will receive the meeting agenda, minutes from the May 2019 meeting, treasurer’s report and the proposed 2020 budget.

We look forward to seeing everyone on August 24…and bring a neighbor so that we have more participation.


Paul Plattner
President, CPBA, Inc.


1. Association Fall Meeting – Mark your calendars…our next membership meeting will be on Saturday, August 24 starting at 10 am. Details to follow.

2. Cove Point Road – We have learned from the state of Maryland, Department of Natural Resources, that it was SMECO that sprayed and killed the trees below their power lines along Cove Point Road. It was not Dominion. This is all the information we have at this time.

3. Road Work – Road work here in Cove Point is expected to begin in the next few days. Please drive slowly and be mindful of the workers performing this work.

4. Tree Trimming – We are in the process of obtaining quotes to have some of the trees on Association owned property trimmed to improve the visibility at our intersections. We expect to have this work performed over the next few weeks.

Stay cool this week!

Paul Plattner
President, CPBA, Inc.

Association Update


UPDATE – JUNE 7, 2019

1.  2019 Association Dues – If you haven’t paid your 2019 association dues, please pay them now.  We need everyone to contribute so that we can maintain this beautiful community.   An invoice is attached for your convenience.

2.   Road Repairs – Some temporary repairs were performed over the holiday weekend while waiting for the contractor to perform a more complete and substantial repair later this month.

3.  New Security Patrol Hours – As announced at the Spring Association Meeting, the duty hours of our security officers have been changed.  The new hours are from 6:30 pm thru 10:30 pm effective the Memorial Day weekend.  There will be a more focused enforcement of the parking rules as it relates to non-residents parking at the entrances to the beach.   If you have any issues or concerns and need to get in touch with security, please call 911 or the non-emergency number: 410-535-2800. The dispatcher will notify the closest sheriff.  Since our security team are off-duty sheriffs they should be the first to respond.

4.  Beach Clean Up & Fish Fry – Thanks to all those who participated in the annual beach clean up which was followed by a picnic.  Thanks to the hosts, our fishermen that provided the great tasting catfish, and residents that brought a dish to share. All had a good time.

5.  Association Elections –There are two seats on the Board of Directors that will become vacant in August.  Matt Lehtonen and Paul Plattner currently hold these seats and both are running again. If you would like to run for election, contact Larry Hultberg by July 1 at:

6.   Fall Association Meeting & Elections – Mark your calendars for our next Association meeting to be held on Saturday, August 24.  Details to follow. 

7.  Cancer Society Relay for Life – Again this year, Jean Maliuat collected for this worthy cause and wanted to let you know that $430 was collected.  Thanks to all CPBA members who contributed. 

Have a great summer!

Paul Plattner
President, CPBA, Inc.

Parking Stickers

The 2019 – 2020 Cove Point Beach Association Parking Permit stickers have arrived!  A valid parking permit is required for association members wanting to park at one of the beach entrances, including loading and unloading.  As only association members with a valid parking permit may park at a beach entrance, Association member’s guests must park their vehicles on the member’s property.   

Parking permits will only be provided to Association members in good standing, i.e., your Association annual dues or road maintenance covenant fees are paid.  You can request up to two (2) parking permit stickers per household by contacting board member, Tony Pompa at:  To process your request, we will need your Cove Point address; phone number; year, make and model of your car(s); and license plate number(s)/state of issuance.  Once we receive your information and verify your dues/fees status, either board member Tony Pompa or Mark Rokala will deliver the permit(s) on the weekends. 

Once you receive your parking permit, you need to affix the sticker to the rear window of your vehicle and no place else.  Vehicles parked at any beach entrance and not displaying a valid CPBA Parking Permit sticker will receive a warning and may be subject to towing at the vehicle owner’s expense. 

See this attachment for additional information. 


Paul Plattner
President, CPBA, Inc.


This is a quick reminder that the Association’s spring meeting is today, Saturday, May 18, from 10 am to 12 noon at the Southern Community Center in Lusby.  Following the meeting we will have the annual beach cleanup and picnic…see the attachment for details and RSVP if you plan on attending the beach cleanup/picnic.

One other reminder…if you have not yet paid your 2019 association dues, please do so now. 

We look forward to seeing everyone.

Paul Plattner
President, CPBA, Inc.

Spring Association Meeting

Please join us for the upcoming Association’s Spring Membership Meeting, scheduled for Saturday, May 18, 2019 from 10 am to 12 Noon.  Again this year, we will be meeting at the Southern Community Center, 20 Appeal Lane in Lusby.  Attached are several documents in preparation for this meeting.

The 2019 Dues Invoice is also attached.  Please note that dues are to be paid not later than June 1, 2019.  If you have already paid your 2019 dues, please ignore this notice.

The annual beach and common area cleanup will be held on May 18 after the Association meeting.  We need volunteers to spend an hour or two cleaning up the beach.  Please sign-up by sending an email to me and we’ll put you on the list; more details to follow.

One final item, the Association’s website crashed in April. Thanks to Larry Hultberg for working this issue and getting us back online. 

See you in May.

Paul Plattner

Association Update – March 28, 2019

UPDATE – MARCH 28, 2019

1. Road Maintenance – The unusually wet weather of the past year continues to take a toll on our roads.  Even with the roadwork performed in December we will again need to have the contractor come in late spring and do some more work.  In the mean time, Matt Lehtonen will continue to work on the potholes.

2. Legal – We have had a busy winter and I am pleased to advise that the States highest court has upheld the trial courts decision (September 2018) that the Association can legally enforce the covenant road maintenance fee (CRMF), adjusted for inflation.  This means the “sum equal to $5” referenced in everyones deed(s) can be increased for inflation.  

3. Spring Association Meeting – Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 18, 2019 from 10 AM to 12 noon at the Southern Community Center in Lusby.  You will be receiving further information in mid-April. 

4. Beach Clean Up – The annual beach clean up will be held on May 18 starting at 1 PM.   If you are interested in helping out and getting the beach looking good, please drop me an email and we will put you on the list. As time gets closer well get in contact with you about specifics.  

Paul Plattner

Public Hearing Set for Calvert County Planning Commission’s Recommended Comprehensive Plan

The Calvert County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing Tuesday, Feb. 26 at 7 p.m. to consider and receive comments on its recommended Calvert County…… Read on

Public Hearing on Calvert County Comprehensive Plan

Public Hearing: Calvert County Comprehensive Plan Approval
Tuesday, February 26, 7pm

Calvert Pines Senior Center
450 West Dares Beach Road, Prince Frederick, MD 20678


Please read the email (below) from Association member June Sevilla.  I plan to attend this important meeting and urge our residents to do the same.

Paul Plattner
President, CPBA, Inc.


> From: J Sevilla <>
> Subject: Important info and additional links to Feb 26 Public hearing on Calvert County Comprehensive Plan
> Date: February 9, 2019 at 2:08:39 PM EST

You may or may not have seen this, but thought these links I got from Calvert County today will be helpful in preparing for this most important public hearing which impacts us all, especially the new Septic Law and the County Commissioners asking for PFA state funding for development of Dominion’s property as well as Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant. Fuzzy as to what is involved and why are these two behemoth businesses included as Priority Funding Areas (PFA’s) as if in same category as residents seems questionable. Of specific interest is Cove Point Park where the land legally belongs to Dominion and to the best of my recollection, the County is “leasing” the land. Cove Point Park was built on our tax dollars, but as part of Dominion’s Refinery and Liquefaction project, the County recently connected Dominion’s water and sewer to this Park so Dominion could utilize Solomons Waste Water Treatment Plant for dumping their toxic condensates (high volume of 10,000 gallons per day) instead of their decades of previous practice of dumping untreated toxic condensates to Cove Point Marsh. The way this sweetheart deal was handled included “Area A” (Cove Point Rd intersection with Rte 2/4) which was Dominion’s Laydown Area for Equipment, warehouses and shuttle buses for workers. “Area A” has now become a designated, but undeveloped “park” for the County as we accurately predicted. Dominion wants to expand their refinery and liquefaction footprint into Cove Point Park so Dominion exchanged their development of Area A for access to their land (Cove Point Park). However, Cove Point Park is already well developed and it would take so much more tax dollars to develop “Area A” to become a true park like Cove Point Park. So this recent maneuver was good for Dominion’s expansion plans and a big loss for Calvert County and MD State taxpayers. Attached is a Word doc which provides a quick preview of highlights of the County’s Comprehensive Plan, specifically on Septic law and PFA’s. Your input during the Public hearing is most critical for bringing out the truth. Our vigilant efforts and participation in hearings and County Commissioner meetings have had a positive impact and bringing out the truth is helpful for our health and protection so we keep politicians and business deals in check, but it takes continued vigilant oversight and active involvement on our part. Incidentally, the sweetheart deal the County covertly made with Dominion of $40 Million payment in lieu of taxes went mostly to the County’s Retirement Fund. These are a matter of public record. CCNPP/nuke payments of this nature are also in County records so these can be verified.

> Thank you for keeping up the good work and we must look out for ourselves since politics and businesses make strange bedfellows.

> June