Info Needed to Access the North Beach

As many of you are aware, there have been some problems recently related to property owners and/or their guests accessing Dominion property (i.e., the north beach north of the no trespassing sign) as well as Dominion employees accessing CPBA property (i.e., our private roads). In order to address these problems and identify solutions, Lauren Kabler and myself met with Mike Frederick, V.P., LNG Operations, several weeks ago to discuss and establish mutually agreeable ground rules for accessing each other’s private property, as described below.

Before accessing the north beach north of the no trespassing sign (north beach), you should notify Dominion security. You may do so by calling 410-286-5130. If you do not notify Dominion security prior to accessing the north beach, you will likely be approached by a member of Dominion’s security staff and be asked to verify that you are a property owner and/or guest of a property owner.  Specifically,  Dominion has requested that we not walk in any of the restoration areas (clearly marked with signs) located north and south of the solid stone wall. Additionally, please avoid walking above the high tide line and in the dunes, and restrain your dog from doing the same. Our efforts in this regard will help reduce significant negative impacts to this sensitive ecological coastal resource. The north beach is home to dune stabilizing vegetation that includes Ammophila breviligulata, Distichlis spicata, and Spartina patens as well as rare plant species like Ammania latifolia and Carex hyalinolepis. Several turtle species, including diamond back terrapin, and the puritan tiger beetle are also found in this beach ecosystem.

Dominion will continue to access Poplar Drive as part of their security patrol. Dominion will also access other CPBA owned roads periodically to repair fencing, replace signage and remove trees falling from Dominion property onto CPBA property.  However, Dominion will not access other CPBA owned roads, for this work or any other, without first notifying CPBA. Upon notification by Dominion, CPBA will notify the community via the CPBA website at: .

It is our desire that by establishing simple ground rules related to accessing each other’s private property we can avoid problems in the future. It is often said that fences make good neighbors. These ground rules are an attempt to avoid having to put up any more “fences.” They also enable, despite any concern some of us may have related to the Dominion expansion, the continuation of the cordial and neighborly relationship our community has had with Dominion for decades.


CPBA Board