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The Cove Point Beach Association was incorporated in August 1961 through action taken by the Cove Point Citizen’s Association. The Corporation being was formed because the developers would not transfer title to the private streets, roads, and beach areas, assign their right to enforce the covenants contained in the deeds to the home sites, and assign the right to make and enforce all necessary regulations for the use of such property to a private group of Cove Point Beach Citizens, calling themselves the Cove Point Citizen’s Association.

The developers insisted that a Corporation be formed with membership available to all home site owners so that they could have a vote on their vital interest in the enforcement of the covenants in their deeds, and the making of the regulations governing the use of the private streets, roads and beach areas. The Corporation was formed for the following purposes:

  1. To promote general interest, health, welfare, and social activities among members of the Association.
  2. To acquire through gift, purchase, or otherwise, such real and personal property as may be necessary to effect the duties and responsibilities of the Association.
  3. To own, hold and manage on a strictly nonprofit basis, all acquired real and personal property.

Both the deeds to the streets and the beach, transfers to the Cove Point Beach Association, Incorporation the right to enforce all the covenants, agreements and privileges reserved by the developer in deeds to lots in Subdivision and the right to regulate and enforce regulations for conduct of persons using the roads, beach and shore in Subdivision.