Cove Point Beach Association – Update – Oct/2017



On behalf of your recently elected Cove Point Beach Association, Inc. (CPBA) Board of Directors, we want to introduce ourselves and let you know what we have been working on since the fall meeting and election was held.  Listed below are a few highlights:

1 – Election: Six new Board members were elected (*) and three Board Members continue their terms of office.  They are:

  • Paul Plattner, President *
  • Larry Hultberg, Vice President *
  • Shawn Carroll, Corresponding Secretary
  • Trish David, Treasurer *
  • Mark Rokala, Corporate Secretary *
  • Carol Booker *
  • Fay Fratz
  • Matt Lehtonen
  • Tony Pompa *

2- Thank You: We want to sincerely thank those long-serving Board Members who recently left the Board…Alan Spahr, Nip Ritter, and Wayne Shipp.  Without their dedication and service Cove Point Beach would not be the great place that it is.  Thanks for all that you have done. As there are only three Board members from the previous Board, the new Board members are on a quick learning curve and we thank all the folks who are sharing there time to educate us and get as moving in the right direction.  A big thank you also goes to Marti Leland who led the Nomination Committee and got enough candidates so we once again have a fully staffed Board of Directors.

3- Committee Appointments: The appointment of five committee chairs have been made and we are looking for volunteers, in good standing, from the community who desire to serve as co-chairs and members on these committees.  The Committees and Chairpersons are:

  • Beach – Shawn Carroll
  • Hospitality – Larry Hultberg
  • Membership – Trish David
  • Roads – Matt Lehtonen
  • Security – Tony Pompa

If you are interested in serving on any of these committees, please let us know.

4- Regular Communications: As your new Board moves forward, it is our desire to keep our community informed.  One of the first things we are working on is revamping  the CPBA website and establishing an e-mail system for the Board to use to communicate with our members .  As you see from this email, I’m using a Cove Point Beach email address…you can this address to contact me  We will be establishing new email addresses for the other Board officers as well.  Additionally, we are identifying several priorities for the Board and the community to work on.  Possible priorities under consideration include:  enforcement of the parking rules for non-resident parking on the roads at the beach walkways; springtime beach and road cleanup; updating the CPBA phone directory; and planning appropriate summertime community activities.  We will keep you posted as to our progress.

In closing, as we move forward we want to hear your ideas on how to make Cove Point Beach an even greater community to be part of.  To accomplish this, we do need volunteers to assist us.  So, if you are interested in being involved as a member on any of the Board committees (see item #3 above) and or volunteer for any of our community projects and activities, please let us know.


Paul Plattner