Election of Board Members – During the Association’s Fall meeting (held via Zoom on August 29), three board members were re-elected. They are: Larry Hultberg, Mark Rokala, and Tony Pompa.  At the Board meeting immediately following the Association meeting, the Board re-elected Larry Hultberg, Vice President, Mark Rokala, Corporate Secretary; and elected Julia George as Treasurer and ex-officio board member.

Approval of 2021 Budget – Also during the Association meeting, the membership approved the 2021 budget.  Again this year, we have a balanced budget and no dues increases for calendar year 2021. A copy of the approved budget was provided by e-mail to members.

Gas Smell in Cove Point – In late September, a few of our residents smelled a strong odor of gas early in the morning. Dominion Energy was contacted and there was no smell of gas at the plant at the time.  If you smell any gas or other odor you can’t identify the source of, call Dominion’s security office at 410-286-5130 to report it.

Water Front Vegetation – The cutting or planting of vegetation on the Association’s beach and adjoining property is strictly prohibited unless written authorization is first obtained from the Board president.  In some instances, further approval may be required from the County pursuant to the State of Maryland’s “Critical Area” designation regulations.

Camp Fires – Members are also reminded of the guidelines for campfires on the beach.  These guidelines are posted at each beach entrance: 

• No fires are permitted above the high tide line – which is Association-owned property;

• To avoid smoke in beachfront homes, do not burn during an onshore wind;

• Before starting a fire, dig a hole surrounded by a mound of sand;

• Do not build a fire on the surface of the sand; 

• Attend an active fire at all times;

• Never abandon an active fire;

• Put out embers with water; and

• Do not cover a burning fire with sand.


Paul Plattner
President, CPBA, Inc.