Spring Association Meeting – The next meeting of the Association’s membership is scheduled for Saturday, May 22, 2021 starting at 10 am. Due to continued state and county restrictions, specifically social distancing, we are unable to meet in person. However, we will again hold our meetings via Zoom; details to follow.

2021 Association Dues – In late April you will receive your 2021 Dues Invoice via email.  There is no change in the dues amount…$180 for first home, $100 for each additional home and $60 for undeveloped lots.  Payment is required not later than June 1.

Speeding – We continue to have a problem with residents and others exceeding the posted speed limits on both Lighthouse Blvd and Calvert Blvd…Lighthouse Blvd is 25 MPH and Calvert Blvd. is 15 MPH.  We have been in contact with the Calvert County Sherriff’s department to seek ways to get this safety issue under control.  This past fall the county installed a new “Slow Down” signs at the entrance to the community.  So please, for everyone’s safety, SLOW DOWN.

Association Projects – As the weather starts to improve, we will be installing new signs at the entrances to the beach as time and wind have started to take its toll on them.  The new design makes the information on the signs more readable.  

New 15 MPH speed limit signs will be installed on each block of Calvert Blvd in an effort to get drivers to slow down.

This year our annual road repair will specifically address the roads on the north side of Lighthouse Blvd and all potholes within the community.  If there are any specific issues that need addressing, please email them to me.

In the May timeframe we will be scheduling our annual beach clean-up in a way that conforms to social distancing.  Watch for further details.

Paul Plattner
President, CPBA, Inc.