Road Work – In the next two weeks, the road contractor will be on-site to perform our annual road maintenance.  As soon as we receive the exact dates, we will advise you as all vehicles must be parked on your property and NOT on Association-owned property (roadside right-of-ways).  This is to allow the contractor full access to the roads as well as avoiding any potential damage to vehicles.

Security – The change in hours when sheriff deputies are patrolling our community along with the new blue “Private-No Beach Access” signs have assisted in keeping trespassers to a minimum.   The deputies have already banned several trespassers from entering the community.

The Beach and Adjoining Beachfront Property – As you may know, the Cove Point Beach community has been designated a “Critical Area” by the State of Maryland.  As such, no planting or removal of plants, grasses, trees and the like is allowed on the beachfront without specific written approval from the Association.  In most cases a conservation plan is required prior to the county considering such requests to plant or remove beachfront plantings.   As the beachfront is owned and controlled by the Association, we must ensure compliance in order to avoid financial penalties.  Last year a property owner incurred almost $17,000 in fines and penalties for attempting to clear an undeveloped lot on Lighthouse Blvd without requisite county approvals and permits.   

Association Membership Meeting – A quick reminder that our Association meeting will be held on Saturday, August 29that 10 a.m.  It will be a virtual meeting. You received both the link and dial-in information via e-mail or USPS mail. If not, please contact us at

Paul Plattner