Association Update: September 3, 2018



I hope everyone is enjoying this last big weekend of the summer.  As we start to get back to our normal routines, I wanted to share the following updates: 

Fall Association Meeting – The fall Association meeting (also the official Annual meeting of the Association) was held on August 25 at which time the proposed calendar year 2019 Budget was approved as presented by the membership.  It should be noted that there is no increase in the annual dues.  One key item in this budget is to set-aside an estimated $10,500 for our road reserve.  Currently there is approximately $20,000 in the reserve fund.  These monies will be used in the event we need a major road repair or road replacement, such as in the event of a bad hurricane.  Road replacement costs could run upwards of $100,000 if all 2.3 miles of Association-owned roads have to be replaced. 

Also during the Association meeting, two new board members were elected to the Board of Directors…Denise Davidson and Allison Haines. Two others were re-elected…Carol Booker and Trish David.  After the meeting, officers of the Board were elected.  Welcome and congratulations to all.  This year’s Board officers and members are as follows:

Paul Plattner, President
Larry Hultberg, Vice President
Trish David, Treasurer
Mark Rokala, Corporate Secretary
Carol Booker
Denise Davidson
Allison Haines
Matt Lehtonen
Tony Pompa 

Thank You – I want to thank long-serving board member, Fay Fratz, and Shawn Carroll who have left the board.  We are a better community because of their hard work and dedication. 

Road and Beach Maintenance – As you may have noticed, over the summer we have continued to fill pot holes, removed several dilapidated storage structures from the beach, cut and removed three dead trees from the beach entrances, maintained the Association’s right-of-ways, repaired/replacing signage (still in process), and the county cut back the overgrowth on the north side of Lighthouse Blvd, east of Poplar Drive.  The county also has made a feeble attempt at fixing the water accumulation problem at Lighthouse Blvd and Holly Drive.  A big thanks to the volunteers that helped and continue to maintain our property. 

Dues Collection – The Board continues to aggressively pursue those who have failed to pay their 2018 Association dues or road maintenance covenant fee.  There are still 42 property owners that have not paid which results in a 24 percent delinquency rate.  The national average for HOA delinquencies is 10 percent.  Demand letters will be going out to these owners later this month.  So if you have not paid, please do so now.

Community Yard Sale – At the suggestion of Eric and Kim Zabiegalski (Calvert Blvd) we will be holding a community yard sale on the morning of Saturday, September 29th.   If you are interested in participating, drop me a email with your name and address and we’ll send out a list of all the property owners participating.  More specifics will be forthcoming.


Paul Plattner
President, Cove Point Beach Association, Inc.